How do I package for VR?

So I got my new Rift recently and tried to work on my game with it, a long time after using the DK2. Everything went smoothly until I tried to package. The game on the Rift runs with the camera in wrong position (too low and rotated to the left) and all the 3D stereo widgets I set up simply don’t appear. The game looks like it’s completely ignoring stereo widgets and it really looks bad. No “-vr”, “enableHMD”, “Stereo On” did the trick. I enabled “Start in VR” too, and still nothing.

The game is running in VR, but seems to be completely ignoring resolution, stereo layers, camera position. The search for answers was the worst experience I ever had with searching things online. The same four answers that didn’t do anything in my case repeat in every post. I am getting desperate, anyone has any idea?

OK, after further researching I concluded that the game runs ok in VR. BUT, the packaged game ignores my “HMD Enabled” node whether I use it with delays or not, in Level BP or other BP. Auto detection for the headset also doesn’t work in the packaged game but I knew that from forums I saw while researching.

It won’t listen to console commands either, as stated before. So I had to create a variable in Game Instance (VR_Enabled), and switch all my “Is Headset Enabled” bools to the new one. Which means that I have to choose if I will package the game for VR or not.

I wanted to have the game detect if a headset is used, and adjust accordingly as happened in the editor. But the VR-related nodes seem to be ignored by the packaged game. Any solutions? Is this some bug?

I know I can have the player select if they are using VR at the start of the game but that’s just hacky and no game that runs in both VR and Desktop does that.