How do I organize multiple sessions happening at once?

I’m trying to make a simple 1v1 dual game, and I want to know how I would organize multiple games going on at once. Is there some blueprint type that is assigned to each game or session, like a Session Blueprint, or should I do everything in the level blueprint. I didn’t think of this while making my game in the beginning and did a lot of stuff in the Game Instance, but that is replicated to all clients playing no matter what game they are in, right? For instance, I would like a function that would return all players connected to a session, do something with them, and all without messing with any of the other running 1v1’s.

Thanks for your help.

the Find Session node returns an array of all the sessions found, with this info you can then create a list on the hud displaying the information of each one and let the player choose which one to connect to

Yes, I understand that I can get the session from there. But is there a space where I can store session specific information? People say that the game state controls the state of the game, the “scores of the teams” and so on. Is there an instance of the game state for each session? Because I could use that to control session specific information.

i honestly don’t know, but you can try displaying the info of the game state and then setting a new value, create a new session and then see if it displays the previously set value