How do i open CLion in 4.19

I have set CLion to the default project type, gone to file then ran generate CLion project and as far as i can see that did nothing? and from what ive read isnt there ment to be a open in clion button? if so how do i enable it?

I would also like a response to this. I don’t even have the option to generate the CmakeLists file. How/where did you find this option at?

I have the same problem, when I try to create a CLion project, all that is created is a VS project…

Plzzz…somebody help with this I’ve same problem and i just can’t understand, I’m using 4.19 currently
there is already plugin of CLION in plugins but i can’t configure it with UE 4.19 is there any way to do that I’m tired…

CLion is still in beta, so dont expect much yet