How do i open and close doors in vr?

I have my blueprint where i trigger a door to open when i intersect a triggervolume, no animation is used only a bp rotation of the door.
what i would like to do is to make the door a physical object with a hinge restraint actor (so that it behaves like a real door) and add a doorhandle on the door that i can grab with the motioncontroller in VR and when picked up it will make the door physical but with a hinge.
I tried different approaches but i just simply dont have enough knowledge of blueprints to make it work… :frowning:

so are there any ideas/suggestions on how i could implement such a feature in my VR vizualisations??

Thank you in advance!!


The component you want is a Physics Constraint Component, which can act as a hinge between two other components. That will make the door swing on a physics hinge. To be able to move the door with a motion controller: when you grab the door, stop the door from simulating physics and use some vector math to calculate where you want the door to move, based on the motion controller’s position, and the pivot of the door. Then when you let go of the door, set the door to simulate physics again, and it should swing.

With the right combination of vector math, and physics constraint components, you can have a door that works like this:

I think I’ll make a plugin for this physics door soon after I clean up the code a bit.

Thanx for your reply!
I will test that (already have a hinge constraint next step will be to figure out the vector math…:open_mouth:

Are you planning a plugin for interactive doors?

How’s that plugin coming along? PM me if you have something ready I’d love to ask yuo a few questions

Hey! Sorry guys, I was looking in to how to release a plugin for sale, since I’ve never done it, and then I became busy with other projects. It’s nice to know that it’s desired though. I’ll see what I can do.

I would buy it!


hi did you ever make that plugin? I have a job wright now which it would be grate for?

Copy that, following up from my post in October :slight_smile:

Have a look at this thread. Very robust plugin that’s doing more than just opening doors.

I would absolutely buy this if it’s available in the marketplace :cool: