How do i Network the UMG Inventory tutorial's Inventory system?

I cant remember how to do networking for i haven’t used it in a while but i would like it if someone would help me.

This might be helpful. Sorry but you were even too lazy to link to the said tutorial.

Function replication is your friend.

i wasn’t being lazy i mustn’t have hit CTRL + V properly cause i was sure it was there but i added it there now anyway

i fixed it :slight_smile:

Can you help me with this same problem?
trying to create a 2-player game, but i need them both to have their own inventories.
Are you able to send me your source project blueprints?


Sorry mate but the laptop I was doing the project on crashed and I lost all my projects from 2 years ago and have had to start from scratch. Probably not the reply you’re looking for.