How do I move Unreal Engine's Folder to another drive?

I’ve looked through the Epic Games Launcher and Unreal Project Browser, but can’t seem to find a feature to migrate all of Unreal Engine’s files out of my C: drive. I’ve also Edited my Vault Cache Location to another HDD, but Unreal Engine keeps saving data in the DerivedDataCache in its default folder.

Is it safe for me to drag the entire UnrealEngine folder to another drive, or is there a safer way to do it without entangling the directories?


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I tried to move it several times (because I have four versions installed and they occupy a lot of space), the best solution I found is to fake the location using a symlink:

  • Close the epic launcher
  • Move the engine to the desired folder (Cut the 5.0 folder)
  • Open the terminal in the folder where the Engine was (Where you previously cut the 5.0 folder)
  • Type mklink /j 5.0 D:\NewPath\5.0 (D is the letter of your drive)
  • It should work, open the epic launcher and try to launch it from there)

If you want to move the “DerivedDataCache” folder and not the Engine folder (that is about 50GB) you can do it in two ways:

  • Save the DerivedDataCache in each project’s folder:
    1. Open BaseEngine.ini UnrealEngineVersion\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini
    2. Find: [InstalledDerivedDataBackendGraph]
    3. Change Path="%ENGINEVERSIONAGNOSTICUSERDIR%DerivedDataCache" to Path="%GAMEDIR%LocalDerivedDataCache"
  • Save the DerivedDataCache to a custom location:
    • Change the path in the third point to a custom folder in your system

Edit: You should be able to edit the path from the editor settings too