How do I manipulate the weights of facial poses at runtime with C++?

Hey guys,

here is what I am trying to achieve:

  1. Capture facial animation with the LiveLinkFace app (That is the easy part)
  2. Import the csv into a custom asset that reads the data from the csv and stores it in an easy digestable format (Was a bit harder to do but still, DONE :slight_smile: )
  3. Use that data to apply it on a facial skeleton at runtime (I try it since days now and my characters face moves like a poker pro… not at all :frowning: )

So how can I manipulate the facial expression with the data from a csv file (The names for the curves there differ from the skeleton ones)?


In case someone needs this as well:

You can create your own UAnimInstance in C++ and reparent your animation BP to it. In your custom UAnimInstance you can add your variables (I was wrapping them in a TMap) that represent the weights of you facial animation curves. In your Anim BP Anim graph you can use the ModifyCurve Node to set the respective values of your facial animation. In the end it was easier to solve than expected :slight_smile: