How do I make the "sky" black?

See the attached image for a reference.

But anyway, I’m trying to get the sky to be black, sort of like the fog you’re seeing on the bottom half of the shot. There is currently no skybox and I’ve changed the world’s Environment Color to full black to no avail. The blue won’t disappear. How do I make just a plain black game space? I’ve tried making a sky box(sphere) that’s totally black as well and that did little to nothing to help, as it was totally penetrated by the blue despite any opacity or material settings I altered.

If you delete the atmospheric fog, sky sphere and sky light it will give you a black sky

Or just copy all your meshes into a “blank” template map :slight_smile:

or scale up the “Altitude” in the atmospheric fog params :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I love me some easy fixes :slight_smile:

delete the sky sphere

delete the exponetial height fog