How do I make the second (local player) to be a diferent character?

So I’m trying to make a local multiplayer (well, only 2 players) one on keyboard and the other one on controller. Everything works ok but the two characters are the same and I want player 1 to be, let’s say, a female character and the player 2 to be a male character. How do I do this?
I have been using the “Create Local Player” node in the level blueprint…
Thank you!

I don’t know the specifics of your game, but generally, you need to spawn a new character object where the ownership will be attributed to the player that you want. Then, you’d associate the corresponding control scheme depending on the player.

I hope this answers your question.

If you use the “Create local player” node you create a ULocalPlayer and optionally a APlayerController. Additionally a APawn is spawned (your male character) which is configured in the GameMode used on your level. If you set the Pawn to None in your GameMode, none will be spawned and you can spawn your own manually with the Spawn Actor node. That Pawn can then be possessed by Controller 2 (probably index 1) with the Possess node.