How do I make physical objects non-physical to some 's?

High, basically my high school project game has stairs in it. But for some reason the NavMesh doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge the stairs exist. This is a problem because the game focuses on several 's stalking your character through a world. So, I had the genius idea of putting a ramp on the stairs and making it non-physical and invisible to the player but physical for the 's. That said, I have little coding experience and need to get this done really quickly, but don’t know where to start.

Any help/advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Hello ,

This shouldn’t require any kind of coding. I believe that would help you the most is learning how to use Collision Channels. Collision Channels can be used to set up what actors should collide/overlap/ignore other actors. They can be created/setup in your Project Settings. To give an example, you could make a collision channel for , Player, and Ramp, applying those Collision Channels to the assets they apply to. You could then set it up so that the Ramp and channels respond to each other by Blocking but Ramp and Player respond to each other by Ignoring collision.

You could also use a Collision Volume instead of a static mesh for the ramp so that it is invisible in game but still generates the collision.

As for the Nav Mesh not acknowledging the stairs, it may be related to the collision of these stairs. As a test, could you try selecting “Geometry” under the Modes panel and then dragging a Linear Stair into the level to see if your nav mesh generates a path on that? If so, I would suggest simplifying the collision on your stairs.