How do I make my scene lighting full dynamic?

Hi all,

I want to make a scene with dynamic lighting with global illumination and dynamic shadowing. I’m getting 2 problems here.

  1. When I place a new object on the scene I don’t get ant indirect lighting. Also the shadow is full dark. After I build lighting once I can move objects around. But I don’t like to build lighting again and again.

  2. The cascade shadow quality is quite good but problem with distance. In UE4, Num Dynamic Shadow Cascades max value is 4. I see I can change it to 6 maximum but it doesn’t do any changes on shadowing after 4. Where we had max value 10 in unreal 3. I want to make the dynamic shadow more sharper. How can I do that?


There is “no” LPV / Full Dynamic lighting yet in UE4… ok, thats not completely true… it’s in a kind of experimental / beginning phase…
you can read more about it here…

Yes I have found that already. It gives a nice result. Though it’s an experimental feature, but I like what it does. Really awesome epic. :cool:

But I didn’t get the answer to my second question. How do I control the cascaded shadow maps more?

If I want to do advance modification for the cascaded shadow maps feature, then where can I find the c++ source files that uses this feature?

Add these commands to your ConsoleVariables.ini for increasing the max number of shadow cascades as well as shadow resolution:

Thanks :smiley:

This really helped me out and it works perfectly as I want!