How do i make my AI run to a random location in nav mesh AWAY from an actor?

Basically I have a Bee hive. When my AI walks within thehives collission sphere they have a percentage chance of getting stung. If they do then the AI needs to run to a point away from the hive. Ive attempted a few ways but to no avail. Does anyone have a clue how to achieve this?

You could use the Environment Query System, choosing one of the points which are furthest away from the hive.

theres many ways do this using math. below is an example that uses look at rotation to determine the direction to move the player, then moves the player a set distance away in that direction. note the line trace here is not needed i just used it for testing to have a visual of the destination location.

im sure theres a better way to accomplish this with math but this was simple to understand and is what came to mind first.