How do I make materials repeat?

So I tried to google the answer. But it brought me here with the answer of use google and it through me into an eternal loop. How do I make materials appear repeating? I’m trying to avoid this: Screenshot - 0d262dfe17a1757b742f5e96af8c0be8 - Gyazo . I am currently learning Unreal engine and haven’t found any thing covering this that I know of.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Tehre is TextureCoordinates node. You can plug it into texture UVs input and changing it’s U and V tiling set desired texture scale.

Or you can multiply TextureCoordinates on Scalar or Vector2 parameters, to change tiling with this parameter in material instance.


Assign TextureCoord node to UV channel of your texture; and change the tile repeating…

Hello marinesquirel

Here is another setup that you can create. Hope this helps too.