How do i make is Andorid SDK API 'Android28'

tryd to test on my phone thought I had everything I was wrong.

You need to install SDK and NDK for Android 9.0, if you use NVPACK you can do this in chooser.exe

Ill re do it and see what happens

when I went back to check which one I got its was 8.0 there was no 9.0?

Can someone tell me if i stopped using 4.22 on this project and recreate in 4.21(pain in the behind)would the sdk and ndk i have work?? i tryd migrating it but failed to migrate99.99 of the project.

I now have everything for 9.0 and yet I still fail at packaging?

CodeWorks 1R7 do not have android9(API28), You can download that using Android Studio. Android Studio will always have the latest SDK .
Link to android studio

Hey very sorry about that, miss out on that latest question. I have just tested a blank project in UE 4.22 with googlevr plugin using these settings and sdk setup as attached, launch to my samsung s9 mali without problems. Datasmith importer need to be disable together with any other datasmith plugin warning that pop up. Hope it helps, I can also upload my test project for reference if you need it.

Thanks David, sorta four days to late. but look at the capture4 png because that’s after using android 9.0sdk

thanks again!!! when I get home from work today imma try it. ill update you with my result…I kept my 4.22 verison of my project but since no one was answering me I did restart in 4.21 XD

No problem, Gd luck! Just message me here if you do need my test project for reference.

for sure!!!