How do I make an "arm" for motion controller ?

How do I make an “arm” for Gear VR motion controller in player’s BP? (something like what you can see in Dead and Buried)

Thanks beforehand

I guess once you have the controller location/rotation in space, you can use IK to position a hand and an arm connected to it. This may be a useful reference:

Well, it’s not the same as Vive/Rift controller. It’s 3DoF, not 6DoF. So I am not sure if the IK stuff is applicable.

You can always arbitrarely fix the position of the hand or gun in space, use the rotations from the controller to complement it and still apply IK to the ensemble to form an arm.
If detecting the positional changes is key to what you want to do and the controller doesn’t provide that information, then I guess you have answered your own question.

Alright, the issue was that GearVRController component was offset - it has to be at 0,0,0. Removing offset fixed my issue with “positioning”.

Oculus said controller isn’t exposed to BP, so that’s all that can be done.