How do I make an app download additional required content after install?

Hi everyone! I’m not quite at this stage of development yet, but I’m trying to get ahead of it, as I know it will cause issues later, and I can’t seem to find any tutorials on it.

I’m working on a mobile game that will go on the Google Play Store. I also know that the file will exceed their 200mb limit when all is said and done. So I think what I will need to do is have what the user actually downloads be a very small file whose only job is to reach out to a server and download the rest of the game. However, I have absolutely 0 clue of how to create that process in-engine. Does anyone know of a good resource for this?


Hello there. I would advice you to read the pertinent documentation: Mobile Packaging Wizard | Unreal Engine Documentation Unreal has a system built for this cases.

Also, Tom Looman has a great tutorial on how to do this (only applied to modding, but the principles are the same), you should check it out!: Add Mod-support to Unreal Engine 4 Projects - Tom Looman

Hope this information helps you! Make it a great day!

This is great!!! Thanks for the info!! Idk how I missed this!! Have a good one!