How do I make a specifc camera render in intentionally low quality?

I’m trying to make a video feed using a SceneCapture2D camera. So far it’s working well, but I was wondering if I can add a sort of intentionally low quality effect to it, similar to a low bitrate video with choppy framerate and pixelated visuals, while still leaving the main player camera at normal quality. Is there any way to do this?

set the rendertarget texture to filtering “nearest” and a low resolution

Thank you for the reply. I already had the RenderTarget set to a low resolution, but I wasn’t entirely sure where to set it to “Nearest”. The only thing I could find was this, and it didn’t really give the effect I wanted:
Screenshot (241)
Is this what you meant or is it somewhere else?

Just add the effect into the material you use the render target in.
A lot easier to do than to capture it “bad” to begin with.

I still don’t know how to do that though.

Many possibilities.
You can overlay a texture onto it with a blend node.
Or you can open the content examples and steal the pixellation material code you find in it to make the video appear more pixellated, potentially.
It’s a material, so you have complete creative control provided some fantasy and know how.

Well, thank you.

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