How do I make a Post Process Volume effect the whole level?

As you know when you want to apply a postprocess effect volume you add and resize it whenether of the world you want to apply it. I open a unreal engine level and realize that the postprocess effect on the level is a small one and is a part from the map objects, but his effect is applying to the entire level? how can i do that?

Hi son1cman -

Check the Unbound check box in the details panel and the volume will effect the entire level.

Thank You


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Cool… just realize that if you copy a postprocess effect from another proyect seems to doesnt apply for the level… do i have to add again the effect?

Hey son1cman -

You should be able to copy and paste a post process volume from one map into another, but only the latest GPP volume will take control.


Hey, my problem is that the post process volume affects the whole level and I want it to affect only a specific object, for then use another one in another object.THanks