How do i make a Pixalated Screen

Ok so in the Gif below you can see there is a screen it has a Pixilation value ( i think )

but what i want is to get the screen to take the players camera and display it there

i tried to make it work , and it kinda works but with a few kinks i want to fix here is my node setup

The problem is that it takes from the left side of the screen not from the Center ( which i want as you see in the gif )
eg: (Middle of the Screen)

(Extreme Left of the Screen )

  • if i get to far to the right Some weird Distortion happen

This tutorial shows you how to set it up in a post process material, but should also work for your screen material:

Not really on the Physical screen , i meant the Screen inside the Game not the Real game screen

Apply the math from the video to the ingame screen material instead of a post process material.

ok , but first i want to fix the Screen tracking thing because it doesn’t follow the camera from the center