How do i make a font out of a material ?

Like they show in here :

It doesn’t say how to use it .

Hi Sahkan,

The image you are seeing there is correct. However, you are correct that it’s not clear exactly how to go about getting what you want without just toying with settings and seeing what does what.

Go to the content browser and click the “new” button. From there you’ll go down to ‘Materials and Textures’ and select ‘Font.’

Give you’re newly created font a name. Open up the font material and create a constant vector 3. This will allow you to select an RGB color for your font. (You could also just substitute another image as well if you wanted it to be a textured font)

R-click and type in ‘font’ and select ‘font sample’.

With font sample highlighted in the left panel you will see the line “Font - None” under the ‘Material Expression Font Sample’ tab. Select ‘none’ and choose your font that you just created.

Once this is selected, go back to the graph and select the Material Attributes with all the pins. In the panel on the left change blend mode to “Masked.”
Also while in the graph, drag your pin from your constant vector 3 color to the ‘Emissive’ pin and on ‘Font Sample’ drage the bottom Alpha pin to ‘Opacity Mask’.

Save and hit ‘Apply’ to see your font now appear on a texture in your preview window.

This should get you up and running with using your own font materials.

If you have any questions please feel free to post and ask here.