How do I make a curved background image as seen in this video?

I’m working on a high-rise archviz project and would like to show the skyline surrounding the building. The best example of this I’ve seen is in this video If there are downloads of generic city skylines that would be a great place to start as a proof of concept. If anyone knows how to actually make one that would be amazing. I have access to the building and can take panoramas but I don’t know how to get from panorama to whats in the video. I don’t believe this is a skybox but correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve been working with UE for only a week so the more basic explanation the better. Thank you!

oh I see the background that he attaches is a curved mesh(surface U can create it in amodelling software like maya , blender etc.) with a material he made by importing one of these.
Very simple U just need to create a curved surface and create a material . add any one of these(city images) as a texture.
U will have to learn to create material first. Follow any tutorial U like

or you can use spline mesh component in blueprint
but you need high resolution mesh(on picture mesh 32 tris)

then you can shape you background as you want

sorry for bad english)

Ok that doesn’t sound too bad. I’ll watch some tutorials on making the surface. Thank you!

yes do so report back in case of any problem.