How do I make a camera that moves around with the WASD keys?

Other than just making the camera move using the WASD keys, how do I make it so that the camera doesn’t lock on screen so I can still click stuff in the game, or maybe have the cursor locked in there, but able to click stuff. I’m really new to unreal engine, and c++, so I don’t really know much, but what I have tried (including making the camera a child of the player start) hasn’t worked.

What kind of perspective are you using? Templates such as the First Person or Sidescroller come with cameras attached to characters.

If you just want a freefloating camera without a character, you could just make an invisible character with a camera attached to it. That way, you have the movement controls of a character and the camera view that you prefer. You could also use a spring arm in this case, if you’re going for an RTS style camera, or check out the Top-Down template.

I tried out the Top-Down template and it’s fine I just need the camera to be able to pan, when I hold down the mouse button and move it I want it to move yadda yadda. And yes this is for a RTS.

You can simply take the top-down camera system and add more functionality to it, like being able to pan.

If you’re working on a new project without the template but want the camera system, you can also migrate whatever assets you need from the template to your project.