How do I load a cooked umap in a packaged game?

Hi there!

How do I load a cooked umap in a packaged game?

I’m trying to use the “Open Level” and that doesn’t seem to work.

The map is called Minimal_Default and here is its path in UE4 terms: /Game/Content/Mods/Minimal_Default.umap.
The map is cooked in another UE4 project on the same game version and I’ve also tried using an uncooked version. I’d rather use the cooked, though, because uncooked allows people to edit it.

The point is to make it so people can build maps for my game and simply put them in there and launch them.

Please help!

The following is the error log:

[2020.04.25-04.40.54:190][831]LogPackageName: SearchForPackageOnDisk took 0.012s to resolve Minimal_Default.umap.
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:190][831]LogLevel: Warning: WARNING: The map ‘/Game/Mods/Minimal_Default’ does not exist.
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:204][832]LogPackageName: SearchForPackageOnDisk took 0.013s to resolve Minimal_Default.umap.
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:204][832]LogNet: Browse: /Game/Mods/Minimal_Default
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:204][832]LogLoad: LoadMap: /Game/Mods/Minimal_Default
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:204][832]LogWorld: BeginTearingDown for /Game/maps/MainMenu
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:205][832]LogWorld: UWorld::CleanupWorld for MainMenu, bSessionEnded=true, bCleanupResources=true
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:205][832]LogSlate: InvalidateAllWidgets triggered. All widgets were invalidated
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:241][832]LogAudioMixer: Display: Flush succeeded in the source manager command queue (1).
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:241][832]LogAudio: Display: Waited 35.308601 ms for audio thread.
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:247][832]LogAudioMixer: Display: Flush succeeded the source manager command queue (2).
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:247][832]LogAudio: Display: Waited 41.776001 ms for audio thread.
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:252][832]LogUObjectHash: Compacting FUObjectHashTables data took 1.47ms
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:254][832]LogStreaming: Display: Flushing async loaders.
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:254][832]LogStreaming: Error: Couldn’t find file for package /Game/Mods/Minimal_Default requested by async loading code. NameToLoad: /Game/Mods/Minimal_Default
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:254][832]LogStreaming: Error: Found 0 dependent packages…
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:254][832]LogNet: Browse: /Game/maps/MainMenu?Name=Player
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:254][832]LogLoad: LoadMap: /Game/maps/MainMenu?Name=Player
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:257][832]LogUObjectHash: Compacting FUObjectHashTables data took 0.43ms
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:262][832]LogAIModule: Creating AISystem for world MainMenu
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:262][832]LogLoad: Game class is ‘GameModeBase’
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:263][832]LogWorld: Bringing World /Game/maps/MainMenu.MainMenu up for play (max tick rate 0) at 2020.04.25-00.40.54
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:263][832]LogWorld: Bringing up level for play took: 0.000195
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:263][832]LogGameMode: FindPlayerStart: PATHS NOT DEFINED or NO PLAYERSTART with positive rating
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:264][832]LogUMG: Display: Widget Class MainMenu_C - Loaded Fast Template.
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:264][832]LogPlayerController: Error: InputMode:UIOnly - Attempting to focus Non-Focusable widget SObjectWidget [Widget.cpp(776)]!
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:264][832]LogLoad: Took 0.010118 seconds to LoadMap(/Game/maps/MainMenu)
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:264][832]LogNet: Warning: Travel Failure: [ClientTravelFailure]: Failed to load package ‘/Game/Mods/Minimal_Default’
[2020.04.25-04.40.54:264][832]LogNet: TravelFailure: ClientTravelFailure, Reason for Failure: ‘Failed to load package ‘/Game/Mods/Minimal_Default’’