How do I light a mesh interior for mobile

Building an educational game where the player goes underground into an air pocket. I built the “air pocket” in Blender (think of a vase made from a cylinder), fixed normals, etc. and imported it to unreal. Everything worked fine, I lit it up with point lights set to stationary and then packaged it for the phone. Quickly found out stationary point lights cannot be used on mobile. Switched the lights to static and everything went black. I can’t get any light when my light sources are set to static but that is apparently the preferred method for mobile. Please help.
P.S. building for mobile on unreal is a pain. Don’t do it.

Is your mesh set to static as well ?

Yes, the mesh is set to static.

Why the point light has in some properties no values? For example intensity must has a value like 2000.

Which package method do you used? For example android has ETC, multi etc. .
(Maybe your phone does not support the packaged texture format)

Try to make a blueprint class, in which you add the mesh and a point light as a component. Do not forget to set everything in the class to static. The result should be an illuminated model.