How do I know what part of a texture is being used on its mesh?

I want to make a weapon in ue4, and color my player with custom textures, along with my weapon. The only thing is, to make a texture, I don’t know what areas of the texture are appearing where on th mesh. I know this is easy to do with 3ds max, but I don’t have the dough. Thanks!

Hey dude.

There are a few things that I can think of that may help.

Have you tried using blender for your models? It’s free. You should be able to unwrap them how you want and be able to apply texture to your model exactly how you want it in there. It also has a paint mode in it so you can do a rough texture and see exactly how it applies to the model.

The other thing you could do is if you find where your static mesh of your model is in the content browser, double click on it and it should open up a new window. Up the top of there there should be a button called UV . This will show you how your model is unwrapped so you can sort of guess where your texture should be.

Failing that you could get a numbered checker texture and apply it to your model. From that you should be able to see where the numbers are on the texture and how they correspond onto your model.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, it really did! I have been using blender forever but never for textures or UV unwrapping, so this really helped me. you are quite a life-saver