How do I keep my mesh particles from flipping? (video)

Hi I am trying to animate a school of fish for our game using cascade particles and mesh data. I am using an orbit module to rotate them around a point in space. Problem is that when they come to about 360 degree’s of their rotation the mesh flips on Axis. I tried all the lock axis options in all the nodes as well as trying to add a lock axis node and nothing is working. Is there a way from keeping meshes from flipping when rotating around a point?

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

Here is a video of the fish flipping:

and my settings from cascade:

Hi EddieFaria,

Your YouTube video is set to private, could you please change it so we can take a look?

Thanks, TJ

Oops it’s now set to public,

thank you!

Hey EddieFaria -

Can you tell me the XYZ positioning of your fish mesh? I want to confirm that X positive is the Eye facing or front of the fish, Y-Positive is the top dorsal of the fish and Z positive is the right and left fins of the fish.

Y is front, Z is up X is the side

here is a link to the project on dropbox

thank you!

Hey EddieFaria -

I have solved the mystery as to why the fish are flipping. Thank you for letting us look at your assets it helped near down the issue. Copy over my Orbit module settings and you should fish that don’t flip out. The one downside is you do lose a little of the downward and upward motion of your fish, but I am sure you can tweak a little possible even add another module in your system and achieve something very close without the flipping effect.

Let us know how it turns out - Eric Ketchum


Great model and animations by the way.

In addition to the above suggestions, one trick I use is to orient the source mesh asset down the PosX in conjunction with velocity alignment on the emitter. I don’t normally have flipping problems with the orbit module in this case. (X=fwd axis)

If you create a texture with a red arrow along the X axis, and a green arrow along the Y axis, and assign it to a particle you can see how the velocity alignment works…

I always build my mesh emitter meshes with them facing down X to make rotation/translation/alignment easier.

Hope that helps you.