How do I install a Daydream app for Android?

Google mentions that “The Android N Preview SDK” is required for a Daydream app, which should use an SDK API later than Android SDK API 23, but Epic claims that this is not possible here and here, even though Daydream support is supposed to be available in UE 4.12.

Should we be still be using android-21 to build UE Daydream apps for Android N Preview, or does the N requirement only hold for Google’s VR SDK? (Google also seems to think this will only work for a Nexus 6P. True for Unreal as well?)

I’ve been trying for about a week setting up a Daydream app, but I don’t know which Android APIs I should be starting with.

I’d like an answer to this too please :). It seems to work under 21 but it’s hard to know what performance and other improvements might be left on the table as we try and spec out art budgets.

Hey, I might be a little late to this thread but hopefully this can help others looking for the same thing.

I’ve made a few videos detailing all the steps required and then a small debug and things to check video if the build still doesn’t work. Check out the playlist here: - YouTube

Hope that helps.