How do i increase depth buffer precision or improve zfighting issues?

Hello i’m designing the level of my game and i started to notice some z fighting from a distance (but not upclose) in a lot of objects (as you can see on the attached image), i assume it’s because the z buffer doesnt have enough precision. I tried to space the objects more, but that wasn’t enough because they begin to float in the air at some point and i still have the issue. How do i increase the z-buffer or what else can i do to fix this? Thank you.


Your Z resolution is going to be divided between your near clip plane (Project settings->General settings->Settings->Near Clip Plane) and your far clip plane.
I’m not sure you can set your far clip plane in unreal- I think it’s determined based on the distances in your scene. If you have an object really far away in your view frustum, it may stretch out your maxZ and lose you midrange resolution.

However, if you aren’t going to get really close to anything, you can set your near clip plane further away, and you’ll see a big increase in Z precision. (in the project settings link I showed, try setting near clip plane to ‘20’ or ‘30’- the z-fighting should become much less prominent).

Another thing to try is go to the console and type r.gbufferformat 5 - that should increase your g-buffer depth precision.

Sorry for the late reply, that seemed to help. Thank you !