How do I include a simple folder of .h and .cpp?

Its pretty simple. I need a json library and I found one to my liking: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. but I have not found how to add it to the project without not compiled error or something regarding header issue popping up. Also I know the project gets remade when I refresh it from the editor so no use in setting up project properties, right?

I did found some stuff with PrivateIncludePaths.Add but either I am not pointing the relative path right or… I just don’t know.

Why is this so complicated? Why isn’t there a folder for this sort of stuff, out of the box? Are you really expecting people NOT using libraries? Invested an entire day on this :frowning:

Is there a reason you aren’t using the built in JSON parsing library in the engine? I use it and it works well.

If you really want to include an external module, check out these options:

In general, when including modules, take a look at like “Engine/Source/ThirdParty/libPNG/” and the “UElibPNG.Build.cs” file in there, it shows how you can include a totally external module. There are lots of other examples in the ThirdParty folder you can look at.

Alternatively you can look at making a plugin, there is some info on plugins here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

Hopefully one of those options will help you.


@Joeh Because I can’t find decent examples to study and it looks horrible what I find.

Check out the answer I added on this question: How I can parse JSON data with a standard rountines in UE4? Take me please a sample - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

That has a basic example of how to use the parser

@Joeh I also need a way to loop properties, array, get list of properties, build one from scratch and ToString everything :expressionless: thanks!