How do I improve reflection quality in the CitySubwayTrainModular scene?


How do I improve the reflection quality of this scene? The silver bar reflection in the scene keep flickering, is there a setting that I miss to get rid of this flickering? Is it screen space reflections (intensity 50/quality 100) or ray tracing reflections (max bounce 4/ sample per pixel 8)? I tried set it at higher samples and it still flickering. Thank you in advance.

I’m guessing it’s in the material; maybe a setting in the material details panel. One thing to check is if “High Quality Reflections” is enabled in the material. It’s located a bit far down the details panel when in the material editor for the material on the silver bar. Something isn’t configured correctly for the mesh / material. It’s not going to fix it by changing RT samples per pixel or bounces, or SSR settings. It could also be conflicting reflections methods (such as RT overlapping the nearby reflection capture probe or box), or the nearby reflection capture probe is not completely surrounding the mesh but intersecting it somehow. Try watching the learning video on reflections in the scene, and reading the doc page for enviro reflections. I recall there being info / tips regarding how to set captures and settings so it doesn’t cause flickering or black areas.

Thanks for the advice Presto423, I’ll definitely check the material and go thru the online tutorial in unreal!