How do I import this mesh in parts without it deforming?

Hi, this is my first time attempting to upload a mesh, or an object into unreal engine 4. As you can see in these screenshot, this mesh is not joined as a whole (e.g., head, torso, shoulders, even individual tentacle segments are not joined together as a single mesh).

I also developed a “swimming” movement for this mesh. I would like to import the mesh and its animation as it is in Blender to Unreal Engine 4. Yet when I did so, it was missing in parts, and I saw these distortions:

What went wrong here? Why is the mesh missing in different parts?

Hey there @FrancisMikeNat! Welcome to the community! In Blender when you exported the character and animation, was the position frozen/zeroed out? I don’t work on the art side too often, but that’s a frequent issue with imports having distorted scales, rotations, and positions due to unclean numbers when exporting/importing.

Did you use Automatic bone orientation on import?

Another thing could be if you’re using subdivision modifiers (or any other modifiers for that matter really and not applying them before export). Here’s a thread where another member had a not entirely similar issue:

Side note: I love Megaman and as soon as I saw this nightmare virus memories flooded back.

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Thanks for the tips. Also, it’s d*mn good to see another Megaman X(6) fan. What a welcome coincidence. X6 could of been better, imho

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Where is the automatic bone orientation? I tried to look for it but couldn’t find it. When I tried to import this mesh, nowhere was that automatic bone orientation found

Oh hey there, sorry about that I was thinking of Preserve Local Transforms in the import window.

I tried this and unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Hrm, I can’t seem to get my bones to distort like that on import myself, but the bones I have here are from a previous rig of mine and I already applied all transforms. Are the bones all there and the mesh just not in the correct location?

I’ll just run through my export process and we’ll see if there’s any differences at base.

(back up your rig/model/anims first)

So first I select the armature and hit ctrl+a to open the apply transforms menu and select apply transforms

Then I’ll go on to export. You can ignore the transforms area since that’s dependent on how your object is facing and your workflow. (Ignore the box, I hadn’t worked on clothing yet so it’s box fashion week).

On to the import:

Everything came in clean:

On second thought, regarding the missing faces/meshes, I resolved the issue by simply recalculating normals. This Unreal thread discussed it. Here is how I recalculated normals.