How do I import a demolition model from RayFire?

Rayfire is a great demolition tool for 3ds max. I was trying to use it took make a wood splinter demolition wall, but I am getting trouble importing into unreal even with it being a FBX file. Anyone have an idea to fix this, also how do we request it to be a plugin feature?

Hi A548922,

I’m not particularly an animation guy but from what I’ve read through you’ll have to add each object to a bone and export as an animation. I read several posts on how to get Rayfire animations into UDK by Googling the topic.

As for getting a plugin you are more than welcome to post in the Feedback for Epic section of our forums.This does not guarantee that it will be added but it will give us the opportunity to see if others in the community have a need for this type of plugin.



Hi A548922,

try something, take all the objects that you have as demolition and make a group, then export in FBX, check the options of the FBX, click in animation and also in bake animation, and thats all, would work in Unreal.