How do i import 3ds max camera animation?

I am actually posting this as an answer, i cracked it!

The process is simple, and i’ll post pic descriptions, maybe a video to cover it, but essentially:

  • Complete your camera animation.
  • Create a Dummy/null at 0,0,0
  • clone your original camera and parent
    it to the Dummy.
  • rotate the dummy -90 dgrees on the
  • create a new free camera
  • Add a position constraint and select
    the first duplicate camera (the one
    attached to the null) as the source
    Do the same for Orientation
  • right click and choose “Wire
    parameter”, select the Object>Fov
    property, then in the scene
    selection, choose the original or
    cloned camera, and ensure the source
    camera is driving this clone’s FOV
    value (you could do this for all
    params, but i’m not sure if near/far
    planes or other info comes over or is
    usable yet)
  • now go to the Motion tab, select
    trajectories, set your sample range
    to the length of your animation,
    ensure the samples are set to every
    frame, then Collapse. you now have a
    camera that has all the relative
    transforms of the original, but
    rotate around the world, with no
    other hierarchy to interfere with the
  • simply export your FBX, and import
    into matinee, there you go! nice
    working camera animation that points
    where you want it!

stay tuned, i’ll post a video soon.

So i’ve posted the video demonstrating the method for exporting here

Hopefully this helps some people, my plan is to write a script to handle this automatically, so stay tuned if that interests you!

EDIT: I’ve now completed the 3DS Max>UE4 Camera Export tool, it’s available Here, as well as scriptspot, but that page isnt live yet, so i’ll update that shortly.
I’ve also added a tutorial video covering its usage:

Let me know if you have any issues/requests for this, as i’d appreciate the feedback, as well as getting to see any work you make using it!

Cheers all!

That script sounds like just what I’ve been looking for. Great job :slight_smile:

This script sounds like just what I need. Thanks for sharing it Nurt. :slight_smile: