How do I implement the SkySphere C++ code

I want to develop entirely in C++, but the first stop is that the weather system makes me unable to start, but the sky ball provided by the engine is a blueprint. How should I write it in C++?

Hello! The most straightforward way is just to move all logic from BP to your custom C++ class… But you can also check some code like this

	// Set up sky sphere showing the same cube map as used by the sky light
	UStaticMesh* SkySphere = LoadObject<UStaticMesh>(NULL, TEXT("/Engine/EditorMeshes/AssetViewer/Sphere_inversenormals.Sphere_inversenormals"), NULL, LOAD_None, NULL);
	SkyComponent->bVisibleInRayTracing = false;

	UMaterial* SkyMaterial = LoadObject<UMaterial>(NULL, TEXT("/Engine/EditorMaterials/AssetViewer/M_SkyBox.M_SkyBox"), NULL, LOAD_None, NULL);