How do i "if" in behavior?

This is bit of a noob question but i cant for my life understand how i make kind of an “if” statement here.

Go ahead and ignore enum names, they are just placeholders but the problem itself seems to be that no matter what i do, it always either does everything in order and loops again or dosent complete “wait” node at all.

All i want is simple switch kind of AI that dosent automaticly start looking for you if you die and respawn,
Currently once the behavior is activated (player is seen by enemy) it just stays on and enemys automaticly know where you respawned and keep on hunting.

here is a pic of the actual Enum changer, it’s getting bit confusing to read tho, lower branch is condition for player being dead, and same branch with false also checks that player is not dead before running the behavior

You’re almost there! you just need to be dynamically setting your enum and making your decorators only activate when that enum is set correctly.

I just put together a tutorial series that’s ongoing, and I’ve just finished covering exactly what you’re talking about.

I think this would be a good point for you to jump in - Creating AI in UE4 Part 2 - Sight - YouTube (You’ll want to skip to 14 minutes in)

Hope it helps!