How do I hide Transform category?

I’m trying to simplify the interface for my designer on a custom component. It has several child components which are exposed in editor as UPROPERTYs. This is causing my Transform category on the root component to have multiple entries, seen here. All the child components are placed in code, so I don’t want a designer to have the illusion that they can change the value. My UCLASS macro looks like this, and all the categories are hidden in the editor, except Transform. If I use HideCategories = ( ClassName ), the transform gets hidden, but so do all of the UPROPERTYs in that class.

This is an example of one of the properties in the child component that is attached to the root:

UPROPERTY( Category = FogOfWar, EditAnywhere, meta = ( ClampMin = "0.0", UIMin = "0.0" ) )
float Distance;

And this is how the child component property is declared in the root component:

UPROPERTY( Category = FogOfWar, VisibleAnywhere )
class UFogOfWarMeshBase* Mesh;

How do you declered properties?