How do I hide the "Preview" watermark in my shadows?

Whenever I create something that has a shadow, in every shadow in my map/level has a watermark that says “Preview”, I need help with this :cry: if you know how to fix this, please respond to this message and tell me how to remove the annoying watermark.
Thanks for the help.

Hello ,

Click the ‘Build’ button on the toolbar to build lighting OR change your light source to ‘Movable’ (Dynamic). Dynamic lights will ‘cost’ more in terms of performance though!

Thank you, now I will be able to continue with my project.

need help with this as well,as I’ve checked and re-checkd,and no matter how many time I do a build on toolbar, the preview text remains ,what else am I missing ? Slightly old post I know,but its relevant,pls see attached PIC: thx

alt text
preview-snip-shadow.jpg (36.4 kB)

Change your directional light to ‘moveable’

Then you’re stuck with it until you build light. You can work with dynamic, then switch to static when it’s time to make it look good :slight_smile:

Ya but atm I’m wanting to go in the static light area, headaches making dynamic look half way decent, static are preferable in many instances acc. to youtube vid I watched.

TY though for effort,community means a lot.

Thats the whole point of my post Icant build lighting, Swarm never starts,tho it used to, so instructions aren’t working , and thats why I posted to get help with why my static lights aren’t building: " Click the ‘Build’ button on the toolbar to build lighting OR change your light source to ‘Movable’ (Dynamic). " < not working, see attached.

Ah, sorry, excuse me. Did you check the logs?

Yes, I get that with the website also, strange… I think they’re updating stuff. Sometimes there’s a menu on the market place, other times not…

No worries its all good- so here:

4:52:26 PM: Starting up SwarmAgent …
4:52:27 PM: … registering SwarmAgent with remoting service
4:52:27 PM: … registering SwarmAgent network channels
4:52:27 PM: … initializing SwarmAgent
4:52:27 PM: … certificate check has failed
4:52:27 PM: … initializing cache
4:52:27 PM: … using cache folder ‘C:\UE_4.23\Engine\Binaries\DotNET/SwarmCache’
4:52:27 PM: … recreating SwarmAgent cache staging area
4:52:27 PM: … initializing connection to SwarmCoordinator
4:52:27 PM: … using SwarmCoordinator on RENDER-01
4:52:34 PM: … SwarmCoordinator failed to be initialized
4:52:34 PM: … initializing local performance monitoring subsystem
4:52:34 PM: … initialization successful, SwarmAgent now running
4:56:49 PM: [MaintainCache] Validating all cache entries and hashes
4:56:49 PM: [MaintainCache] Cache hashes validated and up to date
4:58:04 PM: … using cache folder ‘C:\UE_4.23\Engine\Binaries\DotNET\SwarmCache’
4:58:04 PM: … recreating SwarmAgent cache staging area

But lighting still won’t build- and oddly, UE4 forums page url is pointing to NEWS page,no matter what path I try to get to forums.unrealengine , all routing to news,working for you ?

So 2 parter sorry…

Ditto, ya maybe something occured they hadn’t planned for, 1st I’ve ever seen this issue.

I see you went to dynamic, which tho takes more resource, yet I still get stuck with 'preview ’ on landscape, after built–did you ever have that issue,oddly I no longer see lighting being built far right corner of screen anymore, just does nothing.

Need resolved befor comfortable going forward.

Wasn’t sure if you knew ;)…

build the ue4 lightmass script manually. Or change the lights to movable but making the lights moveable will cause lot of cpu processing.

" build the ue4 lightmass script manually", I’m not a seasoned programmer but I’m learning fast, but I have no idea what you’re getting at here, could you re-state that , knowing my level in this area ?

Speaking to that, given I’m not using dynamic lights, they are vastly too expensive , why would build lighting not just work as expected ? Is this you speak of, a ‘known’ workaround , and if so why…I also searched docs and found nothing to shed light on this…whatever you’re referring to I hope its the answer as I’m getting tired of this not working, about to go to another engine.Thanks in advance ofc, for your help.

I see this about building light from the command line:

I’m afraid I can’t help much. Do you have a special config ( ie did you compile the engine etc ), it might be that. Failing that I would think it’s time to uninstall and reinstall the engine… :-/