How do i hide parts of a skeletal mesh from a camera?

Noob here, so im just creating an fps sample right now, and I am trying to hit specific parts of the UE4 Mannequin (everything else except the arms) so my camera doesnt see the mesh’s torso. Also, if I were to ever make this sample local co-op or multiplayer, how could I make the other players see the entire mesh but they can only see their arms.

Sorry if this is hard to understand, I cant really explain it well. Also, I dont really care what solution I get (c++ or blueprint) I just need it to work.

To hide parts of your mesh you can use either of these:

And so other players can or can’t see the mesh, select your mesh in your character blueprint and under the rendering tab there are a “Owner No See” and “Only Owner See” checkboxes. You may want to have 2 different meshes, one for only you to see (where you can hide the parts you want) and another where you aren’t hiding anything for others to see.


Lets say with only one mesh, how would you hide a bone but only hide it from the owner…

Im having camera clipping issues and making the head invisible ONLY for the actual player(owner) would make it work perfect

use the has authority node

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Thanks!Concise and useful in paragon character.

Just for people searching for more info, I suggest “Is locally controlled” node. This will only perform on the local client and not the remote ones.