How do I give color to my water shader material?

Hey I followed the tutorial in the Ue4 documents on how to make a water shader, Ive partially succeeded as it does not show the color of the the water I included in the blueprint. Ive tried messing around with stuff but nothings happens

PS: Im new to UE4

Can you show some pictures of what you are doing?

Very hard to work out just from description and what tutorial did you ise?

Hey thanks for such a quick reply and yeah I’ll post the link

I followed this throughly but I still dont get the color I want my water to be

I have the translucent material but I just dont know how to give color to it.

Interestingly I have followed the same tutorial and ended up with the same result. Happy with how the waves, etc. work but no colour to the material.

Yea, same problem here, any one has an answer??

Have you got an answer yet?