How do I get visual studio 2017 to work with Unreal Enigne?

I was recently trying to get into C++ programming, and when I went to make a new C++ project, it said install Visual Studio 2017. However, I already have visual studio installed. So I clicked the install button anyways, and it added some things. Then I restarted Unreal Editor, but it still said install visual studio 2017. Note: I have Installed and uninstalled VS2017 Community a few times.
My unreal version is 4.18.3, I’m on windows 10, and I need help.

Hey @JakeDaLizard,

In your Visual Studio 2017 setup, ensure that the boxes:

  • Desktop development with C++,
  • .NET desktop development
  • and Game development with C++

are checked.

Oh, also, check the Windows 10 SDK (10.0.XXXXX.0) for Desktop [x86 and x64] and for UWP in the Components.

Obs.: to make modifications to the setup you only have to open the “Visual Studio Installer” and click Modify in your version of Visual Studio. Or you can go to “Apps & features” of your SYSTEM and click Modify in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 listed.

Ok, so I checked all three of the boxes and added the windows 10 SDK for C++ on x86 and x64. Once that finished installing, nothing changed.

Can you take a screenshot or copy/paste the error?


Thank you for all your help. I have it working now. I had to reset my PC, but it was worth it. Again, thanks for your help.

You’re welcome!

I had this same problem although I think its because I installed VS on another drive from UE4 so I’ve uninstalled it and I’m about to reinstall it however I’m not sure whether to put it in the folder with UE4 or the unreal engine folder or the folder that that’s in.

Thanks for this. Worked for me too