How do I get user account details on mobile devices?

Hey all together,

I can’t seem to find how to get user account details on mobile devices. I want to save progress on my server and mke interactions with other players possible.

Maybe you know where I can find what I need to accomplish that?

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Lukas Wagner

Mobile devices don’t have user accounts by default. You can use GameCenter/Facebook/etc as an account proxy, which is what Infinity Blade 3 does. If they have none of those social accounts available, you can use the Identifier for Vendor, which is a unique id created for this user and your application. Note that this is device specific so you can’t use it as a way to create your own cloud storage because the ID will be different on each device the user uses. If you want cross device support, then it is best to use a social network id of some form. The code to get the IDFV looks like:

		NSUUID* Id = [[UIDevice currentDevice] identifierForVendor];
		if (Id != nil)
do something with the ID

Thanks joeGraf,

I’m really sorry but I only like clean solutions.

I will look into the engines code for connecting to google tomorrow. If I don’t find a way my project will be impossible to accomplish. I don’t want to force my users into using facebook since I would uninstall a game that forces me to let facebook onto my phone right away. The nearest thing to perfection, although it’s relly far from it would be to create my own user database. However, I’d not play a game that wants me to create some extra account so I can’t expect any user to do so.

I really hope to be able to use unreal engine for this project.

Lukas Wagner

I think you missed the point that this is not a function of engine, but of the realities of mobile development. I gave you the iOS code to make it work without using an external account. However, that will not work to share across devices. To do that you must tie it to an account of some kind on both of those devices. That can be Google or GameCenter, but it still has to happen otherwise it can only be used on one device.