How do i Get The Vertical Velocity?

Basically i am trying to implement fast fall, which check the velocity of the player, if the velocity is negative, if the player hits the “down” button (in this case ‘s’) it should set the downward velocity to -600, but how do i access the Component’s velocity and modify it? what is the function call to accomplish this? i’ve tried googling but the ue4 api documentation is god awful and google has returned nothing.

If you’re using Z as gravity then you simply get the Z component of your velocity vector.

float VerticalVelocity = GetVelocity().Z;

it doesn’t allow me to call that function from within the c++ component i’m in. which is added to the actor component.

You can get the owning actor with GetOwner(), or you may be able to access the velocity by using the UpdatedComponent or the UpdatedPrimitive.

okay, i’m switching the way i’m doing it. i wan’t to make an input named “Fall” which accepts the S key, i understand i can do that in the project setting which i did but not sure how i can access that command via code, for example in the “ClashCharacter” which is the only character in the frame. i see the other inputs like “MoveRight” is called by InputComponent->BindAction(args) now how can i make an action called “fall”, since whenever i try to do it return me the error "Fall is not a member of class “aClashCharacter”