How do I get the location of my button widget, relative to my power meter(progress bar)?

Hello Everyone! I need help acquiring the VALUES of my red box widget, relative to the VALUES of the progress bar. (will explain below)

I currently have a power meter that goes from 0 - 100. The goal is for the player to hit equal to or ABOVE the value of the red button widget.

First, I created values for my progress bar by using an animation, connecting it to a lerp, and feeding those return values into a variable that would be accessed in my Widget blueprint. Work Below:

Like I mentioned earlier, the red shape is a button that I created in my User widget. Essentially, I need to be able to control this button, so I can place it any point from 0 to 100%. Hypothetically, if my goal is for the player to hit 60%, I would simply need to feed that value into my variable, and update it as I progress through levels. Button below:

I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some insight on how to do this. I was thinking about taking two points on my progress bar (Start and end), and working my magic with some math in order to find all values that make up the bar. Then, converting it to a percent… But, I feel there must be an easier way.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this =) And I hope I can fix this soon with your help and brain power :slight_smile:

I can tell you the principle. The easy way would be to take a slider and put it above the progress bar.

The other would be this.

With the button or image you need to put the anker on the same position as the progress bar. Write down the position and length (x and y) of the progress bar or access them in the event graph. The start position is exactly the position where you put the progress bar (ankerposition + offset) the end position is the start position + the length of the bar (ankerposition + offset + length x) theoretical you never need the end position but its nice to have. To calculate the position to put the image/button you need the percent you want it to put and multipli it with the length of the bar and then add this to the position in x (ankerposition + offset + (lengthX*percent)) then you need to substract half the width of the button/image that it is central. If you put the anker position on the same place you can ignore the ankerposition in the calculation

—> offsetX + lenghtX*Percent - widthImage/2
This is only the x position of the end position the y position is equal to the y position of the progress bar.

I hope you can understand it, else i will make a picture or BP screenshot