How do I get started on creating a 1v1 local-multiplayer game?


Me and a group is making a 2.5D 1v1 local multiplayer game and we have some problems with getting started.

1st. We have been looking at how to spawn a second player, found out that adding “2” to the number of clients in network setting spawned 2 players, but we want it to be on the same screen (as in games like Tower Fall Ascension or Nidhog) instead of 2 screens.

2nd. We want to change the controller for both players e.g: player 1 gets to use WASD for move and F and G for attacks and player 2 gets to use the arrows to move and some other buttons for attack. We also want to make an option to use game-pads (xbox controllers) if they are connected.

This is the first project we have been using UE4 and atm we are going through tutorials and searching for specific tutorials fitted for our game, but can’t find a solution to the problems I listed

Any help would be much appreciated be it direct answer, links to tutorials or others with the same problem or just some general tips would also be good since we are “Beginners”
Thanks in advance!

I just had a quick google, and it seems that you can get a second player by adding “create player” and connect that to “event begin play” in the level blueprint. I have no experience with this tho, so I cant help you further.

For the input, check out epic videos on youtube - YouTube