How do I get rid of these ugly shadows?

Hi everyone! I just finished exporting my model from Blender to UE4 and I get these terrible shadows as a result. Can someone please tell me how to fix it?

Have you tried building your lighting? Also does this block we are looking at move in your game?.. if so make it movable not static. Anything static will have baked shadow, so if you build your lighting then move a block the shadow will stay stuck to the ground.

When ever you move anything that is static always rebuild your lighting. If this block has been imported form a 3d software like blender Maya 3ds max make sure you make a light map, which is literally a uv unwrapping of your object but its slightly different than a texture uv if its for something static you may need to separate each piece with a margin you can google light maps how to make one. It looks like your block has some kind of shadow bleeding going on, this usually happens if the object is moving but hasn’t been set to movable or it could be because your object is static but haven’t made a lightmap.

if its none of the above it could be down to your lighting resolution, everything you put in the game has its own resolution if you click on an object in your scene in the right hand panel there’s a tab which says lighting and light map resolution. You can google lightmap resolution there are tutorials which show you if your light map resolution is too high or low, this can also affect your quality of shadow. Hope this helps.

Every time I try building the lighting these shadows appear.

If its an object that moves you need to make it set to movable. If you click on your object in the scene on the right hand panel is the options for static stationary and movable, for example your character is set to movable because it moves around.

Also the ugly shadows only go away if I set my Directional light to movable