How do I get rid of double reflection with SkyAtmosphere

Hello everyone,

I am trying out the 4.26 previews; specifically the SkyAtmosphere and WaterBodyOcean.
I noticed something when trying to make the sun bigger by changing the Source Angle.
The reflection that SkyAtmosphere creates is perfect, but there is a second reflection, which is the original size.

SkyAtmosphere ON:

SkyAtmosphere OFF:

Does anybody have an idea how I would go about getting rid of this smaller reflection?
If I turn on VolumetricCloud it also stays regardless if the sun is obstructed or not…

Thanks in advance!

PS. I am pretty new to Unreal still, so the more details you can give me the better. Cheers!

So after a little digging, setting the Atmosphere Sun Light Index of the sun to 1, and the moon to 0, made the extra reflection disappear from the sun. But it stays on the moon.

This makes me think it is a problem with the material the engine provides with the water, where it automatically adds a reflection to the primary light source, regardless if you want it or not.
I might look into custom water materials that people make to see if that solves it. Probably good for epic devs to become aware of this so they can at least add an option to disable this reflection that isn’t even necessary in the new system…

r.Water.SingleLayer.RTR 1 should fix it

i had same issue, and i understand that water plugin (for making infinity water) makes wrong sun reflection. (it likes real real real far sun reflection is coming to our viewpoint) . so if you blind the infinity water actor, then you can ignore that. i can’t find the better answer…