How do I get Players joining a Session to the right world?

I have a dedicated Menu world that gets loaded on startup and displays my UI. There is a Host-button which creates a session and loads up the actual world (Blueprint) and a list of sessions already opened, which will connect to the session when they are clicked and load up the map as well Blueprint. The map etc. are the defaults from the ThirdPersonExample.

However this does not seem to load the same map, but a new instance of the map, as neither of the players can see eachother, so my question is: How do I load the same map the host has loaded?

Are you using join session node? Could i see your blueprint?

The ones responsible for joining and hosting are already attached as images. Did you mean any other?

It was the “listen”-Option. Now everything works just as expected :slight_smile: thanks

Oh sorry I didnt see those links. Your host button open level needs an option for this to work. Type in “listen” without the quotes. Its also probably better to use “get owning player” instead of get player controller.

Next where is your find session node? How do you have that setup, its the one that outputs the session to join.

Awesome, I’m glad I could help. I converted my comment to an answer that way you can mark it as correct so that others can easily find it. Thanks :slight_smile: