How do i get Mouse X to get in the anim graph and replicate to other players?

Hello, Here is the scenario: I am trying to make my players head rotate in the anim graph, by using mouse variable from the player blueprint.
Mouse x, is just a variable that increase depending on how fast you are moving your mouse left and right.

My process is that in the character blueprint, i am taking the mouse x value, getting a variable from it, replicating that variable, and then, in the ANIMATION BLUEPRINT> i cast to the character blueprint and pick up the variable and set the new variable in the animation blueprint.

Both variables are replicated.
THe first variable is being set every frame, from a server event
Yet only the server player will ever be able to rotate his head properly.
Could somebody help or explain why this doesn’t work. I think i’ve tryed almost everything humanly possible in terms of , server, multicast/ replicated variables, Is there just some variable unreal engine 4 chooses not to replicate? May sound stupid but im serious. Please and thank you!

No answer T_T