How do I get a multiplayer game online on my website?

Goodafternoon! Does anyone know how I could best do this?

I have a multiplayer game, where each player can customize certain items in their own level to their liking, and save their level.
Now I would like to have this game on my website, online where anyone can create an account in the game and play and save the game.

Any idea how best to do this? Is it possible?

It is certainly possible, but it sounds like you want them to be able to save their level to the cloud. For that to work, you need a place on the cloud for them to save it to, and the game needs to have a way to identify that player’s stuff apart from everyone else’s, choose it, and then allow the other players to get it.

That gets into a whole curriculum of subjects to learn about. Cloud computing, dedicated servers, file transfer, security, etc.

Alternatively, you could provide a simple way for players to send each other files over the internet, kind of like how packages worked in Unreal 1, and the Unreal Tournament series. Unreal 4 doesn’t work that way unless you add the feature yourself. I hope someone one here can answer a good way to implement that as I haven’t tried to yet.