How do I fix overlapping UVs after converting a geometry brush to a static mesh?

I made a simple box brush and applied a material to it. Then I converted it to a mesh. Now when I build, I have overlapping UVs.

I feel like this really shouldn’t happen with simple brushes like this, so what did I do wrong? How can I fix it within Unreal and not exporting to 3DS Max etc? I made it in Unreal, after all…

Answering my own question in case anyone else has this issue:

  1. Double-click mesh in Content Browser.
  2. Click UV in toolbar, between Binormals and Additional Data. This shows current UVs. They’ll probably look crazy.
  3. Go to Window → Generate Unique UVs.
  4. A tab will open for Unique UVs, probably below Details panel.
  5. On this tab, hit Create New. Save Results to UV Channel 1. Limit Maximum Stretching 0.0. Limit spacing stay at default 1.0.
  6. Hit Apply.
  7. In toolbar, there’s a dropdown for UV Channel that’s set to 0. Select UV Channel 1 now. Your UVs should look more organized.
  8. In Details Panel, scroll down to Static Mesh Settings sub-section and find Light Map Coordinate Index. Set this to 1 because we made UV for Channel 1.
  9. Hit Save in Top Left of window.
  10. This seems to be as good as Unreal will generate it.

Note: It could still look bad, at this point you’ll have to fix it in 3DS, I guess. I don’t see a way to edit UVs in Unreal other than generating them.

Kudos for being that guy who goes back to answer his own question so others will know. I’m sure this will be of great use to someone :slight_smile:

Indeed, was helpful.

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

thanks mandilorian,…really helpful…yea im quite confused myself at first…
all I can do after applying 2nd UV and still have error log message…(rightclick static mesh) and use “create Blueprint using…” to fix error log message…

This helps with some things, but for complex meshes I get “GenerateUVs failed, couldnt convert to a D3DXMesh” I wonder how to fix this

Generate Unique UVs tool in UE4 is very limited, and will struggle with more complex meshes. Even with simple meshes, tool isn’t best option. Generating your UV mapping in your modeling software and importing is going to produce best results.

So whats point of brushes if you cant use it for statics meshes uvs problem?

Nice one! I have just encountered same issue using a number of mesh actors and converting them into a single mesh. Had a feeling it could be something like this so you just saved me a few good hours. Cheers